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Sunrise Weathervane with Surf – Exclusive

Sunshine and Surf Weather Vane


Though this Sunrise with Surf Weathervane is an exclusive of a logo, we wanted to post it here to illustrate how effective a simple design can be. This vane is all copper made in simple swell bodied style. The splash of optional palladium leaf the customer selected really makes it work. As the weathering of the copper proceeds through dark tones and eventually patinas the palladium wave will be an increasingly strong and bright contrast.

The name of the business is inscribed on the horizontal pipe, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ have been sealed inside the disk. If you look closely at the pictures you will see that there is a Security Device installed above the ball, to assure this sculpture piece does not take flight in the strong winds of the region where it is mounted.

We enjoy all of our projects and all of the varying levels of complexity of our many designs. Of course our charges are directly dependent on the time it will take our skilled artisans to create them. This design is a great example of how the economy of less complexity can be visually very effective .

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