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Flamingo Weathervane

Flamingo Weather Vane Standing (Phoenicopterus ruber)


The Flamingo Weather Vane, Phoenicopterus ruber, featured in this photo was made with a variety of metals.  The body is copper, optional gold leafed beak and legs and an optional nickel silver wing accent. Because we handcraft each weathervane to individual order, we can also make the flamingo entirely in copper or in a combination of copper and brass.

The setting sun serves as the ‘wind catcher’ to ensure that the weather vane turns correctly. Optional gold leafed sun rays were added to give it additional visual interest. Again, the sun can be made entirely out of copper or a combination of copper and brass.

This flamingo has glass eyes that were custom made for this weather vane. Glass eyes give the sculpture piece a lifelike appearance. We can also substitute the setting sun with a horizontal flamingo feather or other ‘wind catcher’ depending on personal preference.

Pink Flamingos are a popular garden element and our Flamingo also looks lovely in a garden setting or near a pond or other body of water. Surprisingly, our Flamingo weathervanes reside in locations throughout the United States, not only in Florida, but also California, Texas, Kansas, New York and Massachusetts.

Flamingos are a type of wading bird in the genus Phoenicopterus (from Greek: φοινικόπτερος, meaning “purple wing”), the only genus in the family Phoenicopteridae. There are four flamingo species in the Americas and two species in the Old World.

Though this weathervane features an elegant Flamingo, we have included it in our Sun Image Gallery. It is included here in case you might want to personalize this sculpture piece with a variation on the sun shown.

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Sun with Clouds
Sun, Moon, and Star
Sun Face
Wall Sculpture
Sun with Moon, Star, and
Comet Weathervane
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Sailboat, Sun, and Stars
Sunrise Weathervane with SurfFlamingo Weathervane