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Mariner Weathervane

Classic Sea Captain Weather Vane with Spy Glass


This simple swell-bodied Mariner Weathervane was commissioned as a Christmas gift for a woman living on a large lake in Tennessee. We heard she was thrilled when she first saw it. It was exactly what she had told people she envisioned atop her boat house.

This is an all copper piece in swell bodied style. The copper will weather in wonderful ways, enhancing the details and shadings. Our skilled artisans have each made their own specialty hammers for creating textures that are distinct. The beard and eyebrows work beautifully here against the ‘heavy wool’ of the pea coat.

Because all of our weathervanes are made to order, this vane could be personalized into a portrait piece, or given more contrast with the addition of optional gilding. The horizontal bar can have an inscription, as can the telescope.

This quote was included when she sent the lovely patina pictures posted above of her installed weathervane:

“I went out on the boat and took a better picture. It was installed by drilling into the metal roof and securing to wood on the structure inside.  As I travel around on the lake I always notice the other weathervanes.  He is by far the coolest.”

Please contact us if there is a version of this weather vane you are imagining. We’d love to discuss it.