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Moon Weathervane – with Stars

Moon and Stars Weather Vane


Our Moon Stars Weathervane features the Man in the Moon, complete with your choice of colored translucent glass eyes, two stars in close proximity to the moon and a shooting star (or comet). Depending on your preference, the two stars in close association with the moon can either be attached by dangles, which allows them to move independently of the moon or they can be permanently affixed via a small copper post. If the stars are put on dangles, they will sway gently in a breeze but may clank against the moon when the winds are stronger.

In the small size Moon Weathervane with Stars, we offer two different styles for the stars in close proximity to the moon. The silhouette version in one of the pictures above is included in the price of the weathervane. The multifaceted version shown, which is more time consuming to make and technically challenging to construct in the small size, is an optional upgrade. The stars are always swell body style and faceted in the larger sizes. Because the star at the head of the Shooting Star (comet) is larger, it comes as a faceted star in the small size.

We also offer optional gold leafing on this Weathervane. In some cases, our customers prefer a golden moon, other customers request gilded stars. The gold leafing works particularly well with a couple of nightlights trained on this Weathervane. The light reflecting off the golden moon and/or stars looks really lovely against the night sky.

We follow the Victorian tradition of sealing pennies from years special to our customers (for example, birthdays, anniversaries, birth years of family members, etc.) inside their weather vanes as part of a good luck tradition. In the case of the Moon Stars Weathervane, we will often put the pennies inside one of the stars so that you can further increase the good luck emanating from the weathervane by wishing on the star as well.

We have Moon and Stars Weathervanes around the world, including Dollywood! Many were given as gifts, and several as gifts from architect to client. One was made for a couple in Los Angeles as they completed a landscaping remodel which incorporated a new river rock stairway. We made their moon vane with optional gold leafed stars and the streaks in the comet’s tail. They selected light topaz translucent glass jewels for the Man in the Moon’s eyes. They were so kind so send some of the pictures above. There note was sweet:  “Thought I’d share a few photos with you of your delightful Moon and Stars weather vane.  I look forward to meeting you all one day and touring your studio.”