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Flying Saucer Weathervane – UFO

Flying Saucer with Aliens Weather Vane


The Flying Saucer Weather Vane shown in this photo, inspired in part by the ‘aliens’ from Area 51, was crafted in copper with optional gold leaf accents on the aliens, their flying saucer and the UFO beam. We incorporated a piece of red glass to create the beam used to transport the aliens to and from their spaceship. Our customer thought it would be very cool to have his UFO hovering just above his rooftop but it also looks great in a garden setting or a gazebo where it can be seen and enjoyed from inside the house. For the ultimate effect, you can even train a spotlight on the flying saucer so people walking or driving by could see it against the stars of the night sky.

Whether your taste runs more towards ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind or the extra-terrestrial in the movie, “Aliens”, please let us know. Because our weathervanes are made to individual order, we can personalize yours according to your vision or you can commission us to create an entirely new weathervanes based on your vision of the perfect alien or space ship. We are sci-fi fans ourselves so these are always exciting projects to work on!

The novel UFO weathervane showcased here is freshly photographed and has not yet begun to weather. As it naturally ages the copper will first turn a deep, rich chocolate brown while the gold leaf accents remain brilliant gold and stand out in nice contrast with the darkened metal. Eventually the copper will patina to a beautiful greenish color, similar to the Statue of Liberty, and the gold, which does not tarnish,  will continue to contrast with the weathered copper. The natural aging of copper weathervanes, over time, is highly prized by collectors as each weathervane develops it own unique patination based on location and environmental influences.