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Saturn Weathervane – Saturn With Comet

Saturn Weather Vane with Comet

Additional spinning of the globe may apply
Small Globe - Large Comet

This Saturn with Comet Weather Vane can be crafted in a number of different ways. For the variation featured here the planet Saturn is a separate spun copper sculpture piece affixed with set screws to the vertical stainless steel rod; it is the Comet that turns, pivoting on thrust bearings. When constructed in smaller sizes (one foot or two foot sculpture pieces) Saturn can be attached to the comet and they turn in unison. Making Saturn as a separate sculpture piece is recommended in the large size (3-foot sculpture piece) and extra-large size (4-foot sculpture piece).

This weathervane is at its most spectacular when we add optional gold leafing to Saturn’s rings and the innermost streaks of the comet’s tail, although its silhouette against the skyline is also quite striking in all copper.

We recently created a variation on our standard Saturn Weathervane for amateur astronomers in central Oregon.  For the final touch on top of their new garage they wanted a slightly smaller Saturn than normally accompanies our standard three-foot weathervane, making it possible to create a single sculpture piece with the Saturn attached physically to the comet and turning with it. We gilded the Rings of Saturn according to the Cassini’s Division and put gold leafing on the head of the comet and the streaks in its tail as well.

Our customers sent us these kind words:

“Thanks so much! Our weathervane really is the crown jewel to our project!”

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Saturn has been known since prehistoric times. In ancient times, it was the most distant of the five known planets in the solar system (excluding Earth) and thus a major character in various mythologies. Saturn in astrology is the ruling planet of Capricorn and, traditionally, Aquarius.

Another customer saw this piece and requested a variation:

“The weathervane we like is the one with Saturn and the comet. The comet has the most significance for us so we are looking to have the comet larger and the Saturn play a more secondary role in the design. Also, Tim would like a smaller star at the head of the comet (having been in the amateur astronomy business he likes these things to look more realistic than stylized). I have attached images in hopes of explaining things more clearly.”

Here is the finished project.


If you have an idea on how to transform a design to give it personal meaning, just give us a call. We always enjoy brainstorming new ideas. Call for a quote.