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North Star with Starburst Weathervane Version 2

NorthStarburst Weather Vane V2


This North Star with Starburst Weathervane is a new design commissioned for a farm in Connecticut. It was fabricated in a custom size to perfectly suit the location and the desired appearance our customers wanted to create. Selecting a size for your weather vane is a blend of science, art, instinct and experience. Here are links for the pages on our website that help in that decision, and we are more than pleased to assist.

As pictured, this visually effective copper weather vane is crafted in swell bodied style. The customer requested optional gold leaf be applied to one side of the rays and in a detail on the center disc. Gold and/or Palladium gilding add a bright and distinctive effect always. With this alternating pattern it is quite mesmerizing as the vane spins in the wind.

The Arrow and Fletching were also personalized, to create the desired look. Because we make every weather vane to order, these details that make the weathervane so distinctly yours are, for the most part, easily accomplished and a pleasure for our artists and artisans to enact.