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Moon and Sword Weathervane

Crescent Moon with Arthurian Sword Weather Vane


This Moon and Sword Weathervane was a special commission made in honor of someone who loved of all that is noble and honorable in the world. Meant to symbolize King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and the haunting beauty of that idealized world, working out the details of the design with the family was a special process. Their suggestion to add the golden stars on the directional letters was an inspired touch.

This piece is fabricated in copper with a nickel silver blade, in the  swell bodied style. The haft has been detailed with optional gold leaf, as are the stars and the moon. There are also glass jewels in the handle that allow translucent light to shine through.

A beautiful weathervane, representative of someone dearly loved, flying high, is a wonderful acknowledgment and reminder of the importance a person will always have in your life.