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Grapevine Weathervane – Pinot Noir

Grape vine Weather Vane Pinot Noir


Our Pinot Noir Grapevine Weather Vane is a variation on a favorite theme! In addition to Pinot Noir, we offer grape vine weathervanes based on other varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot. Because we specialize in custom, copper weather vanes, we can also create designs based on other varietals. If you have a winery or grow grapes and wish to showcase the varietal for which you are known, we can create a distinctive version of this weathervane for you.

A popular enhancement is to gold or palladium leaf the name of your winery, vineyard or even a family name onto a optional copper fletching that appears just below the horizontal copper tube that is representing the ground on the weathervane pictured. We would be happy to match a particular font, if desired.

In this sculpture piece the copper grape clusters are swell-bodied, giving them dimension and depth, while the leaves are made in silhouette repoussé out of brass. As with all our weather vanes, the grapevine vanes can either be all copper or a combination of copper and brass (the price is the same either way). We can also add optional gold and/or palladium leaf if desired. Some of our customers ask us to gild the grape clusters and some of our customers will have us gild the veins in the grape leaves. Some customers want both.

We offer three distinct types of viniculture oriented weathervane designs. The first type is based on varietal grape clusters and leaves. The second type, as shown here, focus on the grape vine. It, too, can be made to represent particular varietals. The third type features a pouring wine bottle with wine glasses. If desired, we can add optional grape clusters and leaves to this design.

For those who like wines and viniculture, we’ve often thought it would be wonderful to do a Bacchus/Dionysus weathervane. Over the years we have created a number of Greek god and goddess weathervanes but are still lacking one of the God of Wine.  If anyone is interested in commissioning such a weathervane, I would be willing to the design work gratis, as long as we have permission to reuse the design in the future.