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Turkey Weathervane – Wild Standing

Wild Turkey Weather Vane Standing (Meleagris gallopavo)


The Wild Turkey Weather Vane, Meleagris gallopavo, continues to be a popular design here at West Coast Weather Vanes. There are a number of ways we can vary this weathervane to suit our customer’s preferences: with metal choices of all copper, a combination of copper and brass, or copper and optional gold leaf. The turkey featured in the photo above was made in copper with a gold leafed head and legs and brass wing insert. We can also put this wild turkey on an arrow consisting of a Indian head arrow with feathered fletching.

We offer two different styles of handcrafted Wild Turkey Weathervane designs. The one featured here is sleeker and very aerodynamic in the wind. Our other Turkey Weather Vane has a fully spread fantail and is quite dramatic in appearance. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the fantail turkey design.

For some reason, our Wild Turkey Weathervanes have been very popular in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and North and South Carolina. Perhaps it has something to do with the history of wild turkeys in early Colonial times. But my favorite one was a turkey weathervane we sent to Gobbler’s Knob in Colorado.

We received a nice note from one of our Wild Turkey Weather Vane customers saying,

“Hello. my Weathervane now has its place of prominence at our new residence. Thank you for the advice on how to mount it on a gazebo. We decided to tear down the old gazebo and replace it with a new screened one and I made the mounting bracket myself out of a pipe flange and a ceiling fan drop rod. I absolutely love my Wild Turkey Weathervane and for years was so disappointed that we never really had a good place to show it off. Now we do!! ..It has indeed been a pleasure working with you and West Coast Weather Vanes through the entire process.” Sandy and John, Tennessee

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