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Rooster Weathervane – Traditional

Rooster Weather Vane Traditional


The design for this Traditional Rooster Weather Vane, Gallus gallus domestics, was originally commissioned by a lady who wanted a more classic folk art style rooster weathervane. It remains a sentimental favorite. It has simpler features and details than our more realistic looking rooster vanes.

The Traditional Rooster vane shown here was made with optional gold leafing on the comb, beak, wattle and legs. Another popular metal combination is to use copper and brass. Brass has a lot of copper in it (70% copper, 30% zinc) and is also non-ferrous, weathering very similarly to the copper with just a slight variation in the patina coloration. The effect, over time, is subtle, but it is sometimes nice to pick up a little brass in the sculpture piece to complement the brass of the directionals (North, South, East West).

As with all our designs, our customers get to choose the eye color for their rooster weathervane, add an inscription, optional gold leafing and ‘lucky’ pennies.

Here is a story a customer shared with us about her weathervane. Several years ago she moved to a new neighborhood and liked to walk her dog along the various streets surround her home. On the next street over, she saw a rooster weathervane that really appealed to her. After walking past the house for a couple months, she finally stopped and made her way up to the house, knocking on the front door. The owner came out and she asked him if he would mind telling her where he had gotten his weathervane. Without blinking, the homeowner gave her our name and web address. Apparently, it was not the first time this had happened!

Later that day she called and placed her order. Surprisingly, after viewing our website, she liked the Traditional Rooster better than the one she thought she had her heart set on, so now we have two different, but equally attractive, rooster weathervanes in the same neighborhood in North Carolina!

And, another happy customer wrote us about his Rooster Weathervane: “The rooster has arrived and has adjusted to the Midwest. My wife loves it and it is sitting in our living room. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship and service.” – John

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