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Weathervanes As Folk Art

Handcrafted, copper weathervanes are part of an illustrious tradition, dating back to the second century BC. In the world of American Folk Art, handcrafted copper weathervanes are highly collectible. In 2006 a large and heavily patinated weathervane of an Indigenous Chief with Bow and Arrow sold in auction for $5,840,000.00! Another sold for $5.2 million; ranking handmade copper weathervanes among the most sought after examples of American Folk Art.

Traditionally, horses and roosters were the most widely manufactured folk art designs for weathervanes, with cows and eagles a close second. Other animals were less common, and commanded higher prices, while human subjects are usually the most complicated, rare and sought after.

Unusual size and subject matter, made as we do here, in the free form, hand hammered, repoussé manner, are usually the rarest and most desirable. Signs of previous gold leafing and completely natural weathering and patina are also elements of collectible criteria. This is particularly true if their provenance is well documented, as is the case with vanes made here at West coast Weather Vanes.