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Pot Still Weathervane, Version Two – Exclusive

Potstill Weather Vane, #2


Our Pot Still Weathervane, Version 2 , is a good example of how effective it is to use a weather vane to enhance and publicize a business. These customers, White Hills Distillery, were converting an old barn on their farm into a distillery when they first contacted us. They call it Farm to Flask! It was a great collaboration. We were in on it even before the final logo was decided upon. Being early in the project allowed us to work with builders as they were assembling the cupola the weather vane would be mounted on. This cupola also needed to function as an important piece in the buildings venting system. Together we were able to determine the best mounting hardware for the situation and send it ahead.

This custom sized copper weathervane was fabricated in swell-bodied style. The logo was engraved into the copper and then gilded with palladium leaf. These incised lines increase the visual distinction of the bright, precious metal logo. As this sculpture piece ages and weathers the logo will become increasingly distinct.

The name of the distillery and the year of it’s founding is inscribed on the shaft of the arrow. The arrow and fletching was selected from our designs. Because this barn is in an open area that can occasionally be windy the option of adding a security device was selected. The security device is the two little ‘ears’ you can see pictured above the upper globe.

We’d love to discuss your ideas for enhancing and advertising your business with a weather vane.