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Bullfrog Weathervane

Bullfrog Weather Vane with Dragonfly


Our customers for this Bullfrog Weathervane were inspired when they saw our Frog & Dragonfly Weathervane while visiting our studio. Unfortunately, when they were ready to make their order, that series was sold out in the small size. They then came up with the brilliant idea of doing a Croaking Bullfrog instead of the regular frog. They thought it would be perfect in their Sacramento, CA garden. We love this charming guy. They selected the color for his glass eyes and requested optional gold leaf accents on their swell bodied sculpture piece.

They also chose lucky pennies of significant dates to be enclosed in the sculpture piece in addition to the traditional penny from the year the vane was completed.

This is one of our many designs well suited to a garden setting. Mounting weather vanes where they can be seen often, and from the house is such fun.