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Redfish Weathervane

Redfish Weather Vane


Our Redfish Weathervane was originally commissioned by customers building a house on pilings near Fort Meyers, Florida. They watch this amazing and beautiful game fish grazing around their home site at different intervals throughout the year, and loved the idea of portraying in a weathervane what is going on below the surface when the tail is poking through.

The fish in this sculpture piece is fabricated in copper by our skilled artisans in the swell bodied style. They used a specially designed hammer to replicate the specific textures of this distinctive fish. The estuary floor is represented in textured brass, the water line is represented by a copper rod, and the water grasses are fabricated and textured in silhouette style from copper sheet. The customer selected from our glass eyes  the ones that most closely replicate Redfish eyes, and they chose to have optional Palladium Leaf applied to the interesting marking that has somehow evolved on the tail of Gulf Redfish.

We really enjoy projects from nature, and projects that light up for our customers. We have created numerous fish weathervanes, if you’d care to glance at them. All are quite charming to our view.

If you have been considering a weathervane for your home or business, choosing a subject that you love from the nature in your area is invariably successful and satisfying.