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Salmon Weathervane – King Leaping

King Salmon Weather Vane (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Leaping


The Leaping King Salmon Weather Vane featured here was commissioned for a 70th birthday present for a man whose home overlooks the shore of Lake Michigan. This salmon weather vane can either be made in entirely in copper or the body in copper and the fins, tail and waves in brass for a subtle distinction between the metals. Because these weathervanes are made to order, you get to specify your preference.

We can also optionally gild the fish’s speckles, fins and tail. In the image shown here, we made the leaping fish entirely in copper, gold leafed the speckles on the sides of its body and made the waves out of brass. If you have questions about these choices, we are happy to explain how the different metals patina and/or make recommendations on how to choose the combination best for you.

Our customer for this first Leaping King Salmon Weathervane sent us a wonderful note. “Dear Liz – this morning at sunrise I went out to capture some images of our harbor. Occasion – The Tri State Sailboat race – Chicago (Illinois) St. Joe (Michigan) Michigan City (Indiana) and then back to Chicago. As I came home, I saw the moon hovering over our home, and captured a picture with our weathervane pointing to the sky which I thought you would appreciate. Not a likely image for a fish. But then again, my weathervane is not an ordinary fish. Little did I know just how efficient and practical your weathervanes can be! We enjoy our weathervane very much.”

We have since made this weathervane for customers in British Columbia, Northern California, New York and Washington among other places. With each weathervane we make, we offer a personalized inscription which is stamped in small letters onto each weathervane sculpture piece. One of our favorite inscriptions was EVENTUALLY ALL THINGS MERGE INTO ONE AND A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT put on a medium size Leaping Salmon weathervane for a customer in Glen Ellen, California.