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Brewery Weathervane

Beer Mug Brewery Weather Vane

Commercial Exclusive

Our Beer Mug Weathervane was commissioned by the delightfully hip Alltec, Inc. This lovely company creates, among other noted beers and ales, their Kentucky Bourbon Ale, which is aged 14 weeks in freshly decanted bourbon barrels. The Brewery sits across the street from the Distillery, where their first batch of Kentucky Town Branch Bourbon went into the barrels in 2007 with sales beginning in 2011.

Both the Beer Mug Weathervane and the Pot Still Weathervane are crafted from spun copper parts, that are assembled with precision by our master artisans. It is quite a feat, handling and assembling these large sculpture pieces. This mug is 36″ tall and almost as wide!

One of these days we hope to get ourselves to this enticing Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour, so we can sample these beverages in person!




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Wine Bottle Weathervane
with Grapes and Glasses
Cocktail Rooster
Double Beer Mug
Pot Still