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Snail Weathervane

Snail Weather Vane


Our Snail Weathervane, Achatinoida Gastropoda, is popular with gardeners, and chefs, and scientists. As you can see from the pictures above, there is some flexibility in the bodies positioning. Some who have ordered this mollusc have opted to have the shell’s distinctive markings gilded, to create a bright distinct pattern visible for many years as the vane weathers into the dark chocolate browns and then begins to patina.  Most of our customers have also asked us to include ‘lucky pennies’, and others have requested inscriptions.

“It took a while for me to get the weather vane back up with your great suggestion of the copper cap for the 4×4 post.  As you can see, she insists on looking at the camera so it will be like “Finding Waldo”!  If one looks hard, one can see the copper cap of the pole and another photo will show her in all her glory.  A gentleman asked to photograph her for his Pacific Grove garden art book.  She now reigns over a very small but happy garden.

                        Thank you for kindness and artistry, Joyce