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Salmon Weathervane – Chinook Swimming

Chinook Salmon Weather Vane (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Swimming


The Chinook Salmon Weather Vane, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, featured in this photo consists of a swimming copper fish. It has yellow glass eyes with black pupils that were custom made for this weather vane. The glass eyes are included in the price and come in a range of colors. This Chinook Salmon Weather Vane was commissioned by an avid fly fisherman in Illinois. We actually worked from a photo of a beautiful fish he caught in the summer of 2004.

Because we make every weathervane to order, if you prefer, this Chinook Salmon can be placed in a more natural setting. In this alternate version, we make the same fish, only show it swimming just above a river bed and chasing a little fish. If you decide to order the river bed version, the size of the salmon is reduced slightly relative to the overall length of the sculpture piece but the overall weathervane has a bigger presence because of the additional design elements. Please see our King Salmon Weather Vane to view this variation.

Another option is to make the fish with or without the lure in its mouth. If we add the lure, you can have optional gold or palladium leaf applied to it. This will allow it to contrast with the fish itself.

In addition, this Chinook Salmon Weather Vane can either be made in all copper or the body in copper and the fins and tail in brass, for a subtle distinction between the metals. We can also optionally gold or palladium leaf any of the following: the line and/or lure, the speckles, fins and tail. We have made this weathervane with all these variations so if you have questions about these choices, we are happy to make recommendations.