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Coffee Pot Weathervane – with Cups

Coffee Pot Weather Vane with Cups


This sweet Coffee Pot Weathervane with Cups was commissioned by the owners of the DipSea Coffee Shop in Mill Valley, California. They had seen others of our weathervanes utilizing the directionals as part of the sculpture piece and asked us to design a ‘fat and happy’ coffeepot with steaming mugs of coffee below.

This weathervane is crafted in copper in swell-bodied style, with brass ‘steam’ coming off the coffee in the mugs. Our client requested optional gold leaf to create their logo, and the traditional checkered table cloth.

In the history of metal fabricated weather vanes, using them as signage for a place of business is among the earliest uses. They were first used by royalty and powerful families to display their coat of arms, and churches to display their sect. Soon after, as metal working became more available to all with improved mining and smelting procedures, businesses realized they would be excellent signage to a mostly illiterate populace, to busy at toil to have time for education.

Placing design elements on the directionals has become common, but was originated here at West Coast Weather Vanes. It is fun seeing the main piece turn in the wind over the lower recipients.