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Goose Weathervane – Canada Goose Sentinel Pose

Canada Goose Weather Vane Sentinel Pose (Branta canadensis)


This Canada Goose Weather Vane, Branta canadensis, shows a standing male goose in the classic sentinel pose, on alert for predators. The customer who originally commissioned this Canada Goose weathervane requested this particular stance. They put their ‘Sentinel’ on top of their home to oversee and protect the ‘flock’ residing within.

This is a classic example of a mirror image weathervane. A mirror image vane has identical pattern pieces for each side of the sculpture piece, which means it looks exactly the same when viewed from either side. A non-mirror image weather vane has different pattern pieces for each side so it looks slightly different when viewed from each side (imagine the legs of a galloping horse for example). As you are browsing our website see if you can tell the difference between mirror image and non-mirror image weather vane designs.

If you prefer a more active pose, we also offer a Flying Canada Goose Weather Vane. As shown here, the Canada Goose was made in copper with brass accents. We offer optional gold leaf and/or palladium leaf for both of these geese weathervane variations. Optional gold leafing helps create a lovely distinction between the weathered copper body and gilded accents on the face and legs. We can even add optional gold leaf to the cattails if you’d like. For more information about this weather vane and gold leafing options please contact us for further details.