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Goose Weathervane – Canada Goose Flying

Canada Goose Weather Vane Flying (Branta canadensis)


This Flying Canada Goose Weather Vane, Branta canadensis, is a perfect candidate for display on a roof peak or cupola. Who has not looked up and witnessed the memorable sight of hundreds of these intrepid birds in V formation against the deep blue sky of fall or spring?

On the Canadian Goose weathervane shown here, we gilded part of the bird’s head, neck, legs and tail feathers. These sections will stay a light golden color as the copper sections patina first a deep chocolate brown color before eventually green. The optional gold leaf perfectly captures the distinctive markings for which this bird is known.

Between the bird’s two wings there is a ‘T’ Brace. Nearly invisible from most angles, we put it there to reinforce and strengthen the wings on the sculpture piece. Most of our flying birds, with big wings shown in the upbeat position, will have similar bracing between the wings.

Canada Geese are native to North American and breed in both Canada and the United States. Overhunting and habitat loss lead to steep population declines in the early 20th century but in recent years, populations have rebounded and are maintain year round populations in many parts of the country.

This weathervane has been popular with both bird lovers and hunters. So whether your taste runs towards the movie “Fly Away Home” or that of an outdoor sports person, the Canada Goose weathervane offers something for everyone.