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Teapot Weathervane With 3 or 4 Cups

Tea Pot Weather Vane with Three or Four Cups of Tea

Swell Bodied Cups
3D Cups
3D with TEA on Directionals
Swell Bodied Cups with TEA on Directionals

The Teapot Weather Vane with Tea Cups can be made several different ways.

In the 3-D version of this design, the nickel silver ‘steam’ in each teacup sits on a pivot and turns together with the teapot in the wind. In the swell-bodied version of this design the “steam” is stationary.

We can make this weathervane with four tea cups or three teacups and the word TEA in place of the directional letter “E”. Please see the separate pricing boxes on the right for the addition of the word TEA.

We often apply optional gold leaf to the trim of the teapot and tea cups, the arrow tip and fletching, and on the word TEA.

Undoubtedly, some of our most varied and interesting installations have been for this weathervane. One customer put her small Teapot Weathervane on top of a shelter her husband built to house her woven straw bee skep. Another, this time in the medium size, was a birthday present from a husband to his wife; a collector of teapots. A large version of this weathervane went to Boston and is displayed atop of the new Boston Tea Party Museum.

Another interesting project was a “Three Cups of Tea” weathervane created for a fundraiser held on behalf of the Central Asia Institute. The winning recipient lives in Pennsylvania and put it on top of beautiful Tea House in her garden. On each cup’s saucer, we put part of the lovely saying quoted in Greg Mortenson’s book, ‘Three Cups of Tea’: THE FIRST CUP OF TEA, YOU’RE A STRANGER THE SECOND CUP OF TEA, YOU’RE A FRIEND THE THIRD CUP OF TEA, YOU’RE FAMILY

In addition to the Teapot Weathervane, we offer several other weathervane designs that incorporate the directionals as part of the weathervane’s them. Please see our Cat Weathervane with Mice, our Robin Weathervane with Chicks, our Hen Weathervane with Chicks and our Wine Weathervane with Bottle and Glasses.