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Carrot Weathervane

Carrot Weather Vane


Our Carrot Weathervane was commissioned by a leading carrot grower of California. 80% of the nation’s carrots are grown in California and this farm, on an average day, processes 2.5 miles of trucks carrying 10 million pounds of carrots! Not too surprising their choice for a large weathervane on the corporate office was this healthy carrot!

It is fabricated of copper with brass ‘greens’. These two metals will age and patina with subtle differences that will look very good over time. The vertical rod is inscribed with the name of the farm. The ‘lucky penny‘ sealed inside the carrot is the traditional penny from the year of construction.

There is a certain historical satisfaction for us in creating business oriented weather vanes. When weather vanes began to take on sculptural themes, after being exclusively an aristocratic announcement of territorial ownership using coats of arms, they were used as signposts to identify a business location. In the times of uneven literacy it was handy to find a blacksmith, or cobbler, or carrot grower by the weathervane on their premises.