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Bobwhite Quail Weathervane

Bobwhite Weather Vane (Colinus virginianus)


The Northern Bobwhite Weather Vane, Colinus virginianus, Male on Arrow, features a copper Bobwhite with custom brown glass eyes with black pupils. In the image shown here, we have added optional gold leaf to the Bobwhite’s facial markings and feet. As the copper weathers a deep chocolate brown, the contrast with the lighter gold leaf adds dramatic impact to the sculpture piece.

West Coast Weather Vanes has made a number of Bobwhite Weathervanes over the years. Our first was for an East Coast couple who had transferred to Silicon Valley, CA for work, and while they appreciated our California Quail, they missed the familiar Bobwhite from back home. Other customers who have ordered our Bobwhite Weathervanes can be found in Illinois, Tennessee and Georgia.

In addition to our single Bobwhite Weathervane, we also offer a Bobwhite Family Weathervane which includes a female and two chicks. One customer who ordered the family version took advantage of the tradition of incorporating ‘lucky’ pennies into the weathervane. In their case, we put individual pennies in each bird representing the birth years of each family member. We also put the names of each person beneath ‘their’ Bobwhite.

Because we custom craft each weathervane to order, we can vary the number of chicks we include depending on our customer’s preferences. If you have a large family, we can even put individual Bobwhite chicks on top of each directional letter! If you would like to personalize your Bobwhite vane, just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your custom weathervane with you.