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Rabbit Weathervane – Pulling Carrots

Rabbit Weather Vane Pulling Carrots


The Rabbit Weather Vane Pulling Carrots is one of our earliest weathervane designs. As our technical skill has evolved over the past couple of decades, so has this design. We make limited editions of fifty for each vane in each size, but in fact each iteration is unique. Every vane in the series is hand crafted to order, with differing options chosen. No two weathervanes are can ever be exactly alike. We sign, date and number each weathervane. If we were to bring back together all the previous weathervanes in this series, you could watch, step by step, how our style and technique has changed over the years.

As shown here, in one example the rabbit and carrots were made in copper while it’s ears and the carrot greens are of brass. The directionals (North, South, East, West) are also brass so thematically, adding brass to the sculpture piece helps unify the entire assemblage. In another, the customer requested optional gold leafing on the whiskers, tail, and carrot greens, while the rabbit is crafted entirely in copper. The rabbit has glass eyes, usually brown with black pupils, but that is another customer choice. The brass selections will weather with subtle differences from the copper, while the gilded areas will remain a bright contrast for many decades as the copper patinas over time.

For many of our customers, our rabbit weathervanes bring back nostalgic childhood memories of ‘Voyage to Bunny Planet’, the daring adventures of Peter Rabbit in ‘Mr. McGregor’s Garden’, or even of loyal and faithful Samwise Gamgee of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame and his fondness for a ‘brace of coneys’. As adults with children and/or gardens of their own to tend, this weathervane is a sentimental favorite.

We recently received a wonderful note from a husband who had surprised his wife with this weather vane:

“I didn’t get home till 10:00 last night and was pretty tired, but Liz’s reaction gave me new life. Her emotions ran from complete and total surprise, to almost tears ’cause she couldn’t believe I had bought a weather vane…This will go down in the top 3 gifts that I’ve ever given her. Thanks so much for working with me to get it done…it has been a great project and process, working with you and your awesome team.”

Because we specialize in custom weathervanes, we’ve even talked to a couple of prospective customers about transforming this rabbit into the Easter Bunny with a basket of eggs or standing him up and dressing him in a jacket with golden buttons ala Peter Rabbit. One of the best things about having this business is working together with our customer’s imaginations. Some of our most original and creative designs have resulted from this creative synergy.

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