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Bunnies Leaping Weathervane – Double – Design

Two Leaping Bunnies Weather Vane


This Bunnies Leaping Weathervane is a sweet linear design, very suitable to signage. Many of our small animal vanes have been ordered as signs for pre-schools because they are so cute for the kids. The gamboling rabbits here remind us of children at play.

For this design the copper rabbits are crafted in swell bodied style. At the rabbit’s feet, the optional grasses are brass, and the fiddleheads of fern are copper. The glass eyes are brown, with black pupils.

Every weathervane at West Coast Weathervanes is made to order, and customized at the time the order is placed. Things like metal choices, eye color, and optional gold or palladium gilding, are decided at that time. Inscriptions and ‘Lucky Penny’ dates can be decided by the customer as the project proceeds.

Please enjoy our Rabbit Gallery.

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Rabbit Weathervane – Netherland DwarfJackrabbit Weathervane – LeapingRabbit Weathervane
Holding Carrots
Rabbit-Weathervane-Pulling-Carrots-PEaster-Bunny- weathervane-081013-W1
Rabbit Weathervane
Pulling Carrots
Rabbit Weathervane – Easter BunnyDouble Leaping Bunnies Weathervane Design