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Rabbit Weathervane – Easter Bunny Design

Easter Bunny Rabbit Weather Vane


Bunny Rabbit Weathervanes are popular. They have been purchased by childcare centers, garden stores, bookstores and families for their homes. Our Rabbit Weathervane-Easter Bunny is a variation on our Rabbit Pulling Carrots Weathervane. Rabbit-Weathervane-Holding-Carrots-PThe addition of the little basket is so cute.

The inner ears, eggs and bow tie can be crafted in copper or brass and you could select optional gold or palladium leafing to create additional contrast and brightness as the sculpture weathers.



Please enjoy our Bunny Rabbit Gallery

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Rabbit Weathervane – Netherland DwarfJackrabbit Weathervane – LeapingRabbit Weathervane
Holding Carrots
Rabbit-Weathervane-Pulling-Carrots-PEaster-Bunny- weathervane-081013-W1
Rabbit Weathervane
Pulling Carrots
Rabbit Weathervane – Easter BunnyDouble Leaping Bunnies Weathervane Design