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Jackrabbit Weathervane – Leaping

Jackrabbit Weather Vane Leaping

Jackrabbit with Hillside

This Leaping Jackrabbit Weather Vane, Lepus timidus, is a sleek, stylized interpretation intended to convey speed and beauty. The original inspiration for this design was a small brooch shown to us by one of our first customers. She definitely had an eye for what would make a nice weathervane! After a few modifications from the piece of jewelry, the end result is what you see here. With the flowing fur texture our artisans create with their specially designed hammers, the extended legs and the laid back ears, you really get a sense of action when the wind spins this piece.

We usually fabricate this weather vane entirely in copper but it would also work well in brass or with optional leafing in gold or palladium. Some of our customers choose translucent glass eyes and others go for a more realistic looking appearance by selecting brown glass eyes with black pupils.

Another version of this piece was commissioned original as a memorial, and has a hillside below the leaping jackrabbit.


Each of our weathervanes are made to order and can be personalized according to your preferences. We have crafted versions of this Leaping Jackrabbit Weathervane for customers throughout the United States as well as one for a family in Scotland. It has been a popular gift, particularly for birthdays (Year of the Rabbit: 1939, 51. 63, 75, 87, 99 and 2011) and anniversaries. We’ve had several ordered for people whose names refer to rabbits in some way, such as ‘Bunny’ or ’Jack’. We’ve also constructed Jackrabbit Weathervanes as logos for businesses, including a winery, a grocery store and a property management company in the Southwest. The nice thing about creating a weathervane based on a business logo is that is can be written off as an advertising expense.

In addition to rooftops, appealing locations for installation include on top of a rabbit hutch, in a garden setting, indoors on a bookcase, or on deck railings and fences; all locations where the weathervane is easily visible from many different vantage points.

Hares and jackrabbits are Leporids belonging to the genus, Lepus. The black-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus californicus, also known as the American desert hare, is commonly found from central Washington, east to Missouri and south to Baja California Sur and Zacatecas. It is found at elevations from sea level to 10,000 feet (3,000 m). Reaching a length of about 2 feet (61 cm), and a weight from 3 to 6 pounds (1.4 to 2.7 kg), the black-tailed jackrabbit is the third largest North American hare, after the antelope jackrabbit and the white-tailed jackrabbit.

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