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Grape Weathervane – Pinot Noir

Grape Weather Vane Pinot Noir


Our Pinot Noir Weather Vane is one of a series of grape cluster varietal weathervanes offered here at West Coast Weather Vanes. We also offer Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot Grape Weather Vanes. In addition, we offer Wine Bottle and Glasses weather vanes and Grape Vine weather vanes. As shown here, the grape cluster, stem and tendrils were made in copper and the three leaves are of brass. Each vane is made to individual orders and the metal choices also include all copper and/or optional gold leafed veining in the leaves and small palladium leaf ‘water droplets’ on individual grapes.

Because we specialize in custom, copper weather vanes, we can also create designs based on other varietals. If you have a winery, are known for a particular varietal, or are simply passionate about wine, we would be happy to work with you to create a grape, grape vine or wine themed weathervane that reflects your interests.

Each type of grape varies both in the leaf structure and the way the clusters form, so you will notice that some of our grape weather vanes have serrated leaves while others are deeply notched. Some of our grape clusters are very tightly bunched while others are longer and looser in form.

The leaves of Pinot noir are generally smaller than those of Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah and the grape clusters are small and conico-cylindrical, vaguely shaped like a pine cone. Pinot noir wines are among the most popular in the world. Joel Fleischman of Vanity Fair describes Pinot noir as “the most romantic of wines, with so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, and so powerful a punch that, like falling in love, they make the blood run hot and the soul wax embarrassingly poetic.”