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Moose Weathervane

Moose Weather Vane Walking


Our Walking Moose Weather Vane, Alces alces, as shown here, is made in copper with brass antlers, although some customers request that we optionally gild the antlers. When gilded, the antlers stay a luminous golden color as the copper weathers a dark chocolate brown. We also use brown glass eyes with black pupils to give the moose a lifelike appearance.

If desired, we can add optional grasses, reeds or cattails to set the moose in a more natural habitat or, we can add a half arrow to indicate wind direction at no additional charge. If you would like a more elaborate arrow, we have several optional arrow styles available which would work nicely with this weathervane design.

One of our customers in New York installed his weathervane at the apex of his barn’s roof. Just below it, he displayed an enormous pair of antlers. The moose weathervane was silhouetted against the blue sky and the antlers stood out in bold contrast against his red barn. The effect is quite striking.

Whether you live in a northern clime, your nickname is ‘Moose’ or you belong to a fraternal organization, this moose weathervane with its long legs and spreading antlers, is one of our most dramatic designs. It is quite imposing displayed on top of a house or barn, in a garden setting or even in the small size, on top of a desk or fireplace mantel.

Moose typically inhabit boreal and mixed deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Currently, most moose are found in Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia and Russia. Their diet consists of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation. Unlike most other deer species, moose are solitary animals and do not form herds. Although generally slow-moving and sedentary, moose can become aggressive and move surprisingly quickly if angered or startled. Their mating season in the autumn can lead to spectacular fights between males competing for a female.