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Goat Weathervane – Pygmy

Pygmy Goat Weather Vane


This Pygmy Goat Weather Vane, Capra hircus, created for a customer in Florida who was building a large horse barn (16,500 square feet) and needed an extra-large (four-foot sculpture piece) weathervane for the central cupola. She also ordered two large (three foot sculpture piece) Arrow Weather Vanes for the two smaller flanking cupolas.

Rather than installing more traditional horse weathervanes for her barn, she chose to have her weathervane represent one of her horse’s favorite companion animals, a Pygmy Goat named Fern. To further personalize her weather vane she asked us to add several options: a fern motif, a collar with Fern’s name on it and a little copper bell. For a realistic effect we also added custom glass goat eyes complete with horizontal pupils.

This weather vane was hand crafted entirely of copper. A visually dramatic alternative is optional gold leafing on the horns, collar and bell. We can also use brass for the ferns, creating another subtle contrast in color as the vane weathers. The directionals that appear below the sculpture piece are brass and the addition of brass accents creates a cohesive visual effect.

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