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Pineapple Weathervane – Basic

Swell-Bodied Pineapple Weather Vane

with Coffee Cup

The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality and displaying a Pineapple Weathervane over the entrance to one’s home indicates a warm and friendly welcome awaiting those who pass within. As shown here, the body of the pineapple is fabricated of copper and the pineapple’s leaves are made of brass. We also added optional gold leaf to the thorn like structures at the center of each segment and the sheet metal in the tip of the arrow. As the copper darkens to a deep chocolate brown color, the contrast with the warm, bright golden color is very beautiful.

Christopher Columbus wrote the first account of a western encounter with the pineapple in the journal of his second discovery voyage across the Atlantic. He and his men landed on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe where the sailors enjoyed this sweet, succulent new fruit, which was a staple of native feasts and religious rites.

In colonial America, hostesses would set a fresh pineapple in the center of their dining table when guests came to visit. Visiting was the primary means of entertainment and cultural exchange, and the concept of hospitality was a central element in colonial life. The pineapple, then, symbolized the warmest welcome a hostess could extend to her guests, and, when ripe, it also served as the dessert following a splendid meal.

Not surprisingly, many of our Pineapple Weathervane have found homes on the East Coast of the United States but we have also made a version of this vane for a customer in County Wicklow, Ireland and another for a customer’s island home in the Bahamas. One memorable variation on this design was for a couple who were building a new home in northern California. The husband was from the Pacific Northwest where a savory cup of coffee was a sign of hospitality and the wife was from the South, a region famous for its warm southern hospitality. Being a most gracious couple, they wanted both a cup of steaming coffee and a pineapple placed on their weathervane, thus assuring their approaching guests, from whichever tradition, a warm and friendly welcome.