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Large Sized Weathervanes (~3 foot sculpture piece)


Large Flamingo Weathervane

These are our largest standard sized vanes. The maximum dimension (either horizontal or vertical depending on the design) will usually be between 36 and 38 inches (~91cm and ~97cm).

The harness will add approximately 18 to 24 inches (~45cm and ~61cm) below the sculpture piece itself. The exact dimension depends on your preference and method of installation. Large sizes can also be attached to a vertical surface with the addition of our optional Vertical Surface Mounting Bracket.

Large vanes are really designed to go on top of bigger homes, public facilities or barns. If you are not sure between two sizes, it’s usually best to choose the larger vane. They do tend to scale down in size considerably when viewed up on a roof!

Large Orca Weathervane
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Large Rhinoceros Weathervane
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Large Rooster Weathervane
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Large Dutch Warmblood
Horse Weathervane on Stable

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Large Labrador Retriever Weathervane with Duck
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Large Witch Weathervane
In Garden with Night Lights

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