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Small Weathervanes (~ 1 foot sculpture piece)

Cheshire-Cat-Weathervane-small-POur small sized weathervanes are fully functional. The maximum dimension (either horizontal or vertical depending on the design) will usually be between 12 and 14 inches (~30cm and ~36cm).

The harness (vertical brass mounting tube, large and small copper globes, solid brass cast directionals and brass support ring) will add approximately eight inches (~20cm) to the overall height. If the weathervane will be used indoors, on a deck railing or pedestal, we offer an optional free standing, table top brass base, approximately 5 1/4 inches (~13cm) in diameter.

Plain Base with 12” Directionals
Stands Approximately 9” tall

Small vanes are designed to be viewed from a distance of 20 feet (~6m) or less. Popular locations for our small sized vanes are: on a deck rail, in a patio, on a little pedestal in a garden setting or as an indoor sculpture piece. They can also be placed on small structures: a children’s playhouse, a potting shed, a chicken coop or a rabbit hutch! One of the nicest features of our small weathervanes is that they are easily displayed at eye level while our medium or large size vanes are typically displayed atop structures. If placed in a garden or on a deck railing, the small vanes have the advantage of being easy to see from inside the house.

Frog & Dragonfly Weathervane
on Garden Pedestal
German Malinois Weathervane
on Interior Cabinet
Squirrel Weathervane
with Nut

on Deck Railing

Another option for our small sized vanes is a wall mount. This installation method uses the same circular brass base as our table top version but the brass rod is bent to a 90 degree angle for installation on a vertical surface, like a wall or main support of a deck railing.

Dragonfly Weathervane
Small “L” Shaped Wall Bracket
Indoor Use
Anna’s Hummingbird Weathervane
Small “L” Shaped Wall Bracket
Outdoor Use

You can also install your Small Size weather vanes without the use of the circular brass base. In this case, we will provide you with a longer brass installation tube that can be drilled down and secured into the framing.

Small Kingfisher Weathervane
Basic Drilled Installation Method

(No Circular Brass Base)
Small Squirrel with Nut Weathervane
Cupola Installation Method
(No Circular Brass Base)