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Medium Sized Weathervanes (~ 2 foot sculpture piece)

Viking-Medium-GardenMedium sized weathervanes tend to be our most popular size because they can be used in such a wide variety of installation environments.

Locations our customers have chosen to mount them include:

  • On top of a small to medium sized house, typically less than ~2000 square feet (~610 square meters)
  • On top of a one, two or three car garage
  • On top of a detached out building like a pool house or shop
  • On top of a gazebo
  • As a centerpiece in a garden
  • As an indoor display

The maximum dimension of the sculpture piece (either horizontal or vertical depending on the design) is customarily be between 24 and 26 inches (~61cm and ~66cm).

The harness (vertical stainless steel rod, brass directionals, and two copper globes) will add approximately 24 to 30 inches (~61cm and ~76cm) below the sculpture piece itself, and sometimes more depending on the customer’s preference and method of installation.

Medium Leaping Trout Weathervane
Summer Cabin in Sweden
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Medium Rabbit
Holding Carrots Weathervane

Two Car Garage
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Medium Running Wheaten
Terrier Weathervane

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Medium Moon & Stars Vane
Entry Pergola
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Medium Kokopeli Weathervane
Garden in Northern California
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Medium Fiddler on the Roof Weathervane
In House
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