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Witch Weathervane with Moon

Pretty Witch with Moon


This Witch Weathervane was originally designed in the spirit of Halloween, with a long warty nose, peaked hat, brass buckles on her pointy toed boots, and riding a broom towards the moon. Then we had a request for the kind and pretty witch pictured here. Crafted in detailed swell-bodied style, the flow of her copper robe and cape make her seem to be flying through the air. This customer requested optional gold leaf be applied to the moon, star, and elements of the witch and her attire, creating a bright contrast that will last many decades, while the copper weathers and patinas. The Witch has translucent glass eyes, as well as red translucent glass in the buckle on the boot. One of our customers, whose birthday just happens to be Halloween, actually installed night-lights on the roof of her house so you can see her witch flying through the night sky. It is my understanding that she has become a very popular local neighborhood landmark! 

We would happily personalize or customize in any additional ways you envision your witchy weather vane.

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