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Witch Weathervane – Flying Silhouette

Flying Witch Weather Vane Silhouette


This Witch Weathervane was designed in the spirit of Halloween imagery – riding a broom, with a long warty nose and peaked hat. The flow of her copper robe and cape accentuate her flying through the air.

It is crafted in the silhouette style from a heavy gauge copper sheet, to create the stability needed in a single dimension vane. One of our customers, whose birthday just happens to be Halloween, had us make her this witch weathervane and also installed night-lights on the roof of her house to accent her iconic vane in the evening sky. It is my understanding that she has become a very popular local neighborhood landmark!

If you Witch-Weathervane-with-Cat-Pare a fan of witchy things, you might also enjoy our Witch with Cat and Moon Weathervane, fabricated in the swell bodied style, with glass eyes. Here is a little shot of it in the garden of a customer who also lights her witch up at night for a deliciously spooky effect.


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