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Airplane Weathervane – Aviat Husky

Aviat Husky Weather Vane

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This Aviat Husky Weathervane is a 3D replica made for favorite customers in Alberta Canada. They are avid fliers and the wife ordered this weathervane as a surprise for her husband. (they already have one of our airplane weathervanes and the husband loved that one.) For this particular weathervane, at her request, we added skis.

You will also see from the pictures the security device adding extra assurance the plane will not literally take flight in the high winds that occur in their location. Security devices are an included item on all of our designs with spread wings, be it plane, bird, or dragon.

Also, because of the high winds in the area, it was decided to leave the body intact (no cut-out windows) and use palladium leaf gilding to convey the window’s reflective surfaces. This method also prevents water from entering the aircraft.

We had a custom template made to perfect the classic ‘Husky’ emblem gilded on the tail of this copper sculpture piece in gold leaf. These gilded parts will add an increasingly bright contrast as the copper weathers. There are ‘Lucky Pennies’ on the top of each wing, one for each of their birth years.

Here’s a cute story; as this order was for a birthday present, it was a surprise. When the husband got the weather vane he was so astonished by the gift and its accuracy in replicating his plane that he immediately took it to the airport to show it off! Hearing that story made our day1

We also have made weathervanes of Beechcrafts and Bonanzas and Grumman AA-1Bs. See our Aircraft Listings for more information.