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Helicopter Weathervane – Robinson R44

Robinson 44 Weather Vane


Our original Robinson R44 Helicopter Weathervane was commissioned to go a top a cupola on a new barn hanger being built adjacent to a helipad in South Carolina. It was commissioned as a special birthday gift from a wife to her husband. We initially sent out a booklet and a gift wrapped copy of Steve Miller’s wonderful book entitled, “The Art of the Weather Vane” to presented to him on his birthday. After his birthday, but before the weathervane came up in our schedule to make, we then worked with him on the design to get all the details just right. He sent us multiple photos of his helicopter to use as guides in working up the design for his approval. We also applied his N number in palladium leaf on both sides of the vane.

We assigned this sculpture piece to our master artisan specializing in mechanical and highly detailed pieces. It is fabricated from copper sheet with an emphasis on exterior detail. As part of the gift, we took work-in-progress photos of the weathervane as we made it and presented them along with the finished weathervane. With some weathervanes, we add a horizontal copper tube with an arrow tip and fletching below the helicopter. This can give the overall weathervane sculpture piece a bigger appearance but some of our customers prefer the entire focus to be on the helicopter itself. Because this particular design was not made with a horizontal bar with arrow and fletching, placement of the vertical installation tube on which it spins was a bit more critical. The stabilizing tail fins and rear, vertical rotor both worked with this design to ensure that there is enough wind catching surface area on the down wind side of the pivot point.

An interesting historical fact is that in 1997 Jennifer Murray became the first woman helicopter pilot to circumnavigate the earth, and she was flying the R44.

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