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Stork and Baby Weathervane – Flying

Stork Weather Vane, Flying with Baby


If you are a bit of an oölogist you might see that our Stork and Baby Weathervane is, in fact, a Great Blue Heron Weather Vane, Ardea herodias, Flying with Baby. Our customers have been happy using our existing flying heron design because the two birds are so visually similar. If you would like us to design this weather vane with all of the specific distinctions of any of the families of storks, most common being Ciconia, we would be happy to work up a quote for the design.

We have created this weathervane for obstetricians, midwives, nursery schools, and families for their homes. One was a gift of a mother to her daughter graduating from midwifery school. This weather vane is perfect for inserting ‘lucky pennies‘ from the years of particular births in a family. The example pictured is of all copper in the swell bodied style, with glass eyes, and brass leaves on the cat tails ‘growing’ out from the directional arrow.

Storks have been associated with babies for centuries. In Greek Mythology they steal babies! In ancient Egyptian tales they carry the soul. But our current folklore of them delivering babies appears to stem from their nine month migratory cycle in Northern Europe. They would fly south mid June, a traditional time for weddings, and return 9 months later.

The Great Blue Heron, is a wading bird of the heron family Ardeidae, common all over North and Central America as well as the West Indies and the Galápagos, except in deserts and high mountains where there is no water for it to wade in. It is very similar to the European Grey Heron. This is the largest North American heron.