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Icarus Weathervane

Icarus in Flight Weather Vane


Our Icarus Weathervane was originally commissioned as a surprise gift, which was a bit tricky, because it is also a portrait piece of the recipient! But, by working carefully with the client, and leaving very very cryptic phone messages the few times actual phone calls were needed, we indeed succeeded in the surprise.

We can personalize any of our weather vanes into portrait pieces, even cars and boats. To do this we need pictures from many angles when possible, but we are happy to work with what you have.

This copper weather vane is constructed in high detailed, swell-bodied style. So highly detailed it is almost 3D! Topaz glass eyes were selected for Icarus. Because it is a winged design there is a Security Device included in the price. This is true for all of our designs with spread wings, thereby preventing them from literally taking flight.

The names of the couple are inscribed one on each wing.