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Clear Coats and Varnishes

We do not recommend clear-coating copper weathervanes with varnishes. Because copper weathervanes have been known to last for centuries, there is simply no coating that has the ability to endure as long as the weathervane itself. After a few years the ultra-violet radiation from the sun will cause the clear-coating to start to crack and peel. The revealed parts of the weathervane’s surface will then start to weather, causing a mottled appearance. Allowing the weathervane to develop its own unique natural patina celebrates its potential longevity as it is passed down from generation to generation.

If you like the effect of shiny copper and prefer not to go with any optional gold or palladium leaf, the only real way to maintain it is to keep your weather vane indoors and periodically polish it back to its original luster with copper polish. You might be surprised how many of our customers have opted to keep their weathervanes inside where they can see and enjoy them!