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Lightning Protection Information

If you have concerns about lightning, or live in an area prone to lightning, we recommend that you contact an authorized lightning protection specialist for advice on whether your weathervane should be grounded.

Below is a list of contacts that can assist you with lightning protection related questions.

Lightning Protection Institute

203 N. 36th Street – Unit A
P.O. Box 6336
St. Joseph, MO 64506
Phone: 800.488.6864 or 816.233.0140

East Coast Lightning Equipment, Inc.

24 Lanson Drive, RFD #4
Winstead CT 06098
Phone: 860.379.9072

Thompson Lightning Protection Inc.

901 Sibley Highway
St. Paul MN 55118
Phone: 800.777.1230

Heary Bros. Lightning Protection Co. Inc.

11291 Moore Road
Springville NY 14141
Phone: 800.421.6141