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Lead Coated Copper Weathervane Finish

Lead-coated copper is a metal used in building construction and renovation. It is produced by dipping a copper sheet in hot molten lead, coating both sides. It is usually used in flashing and roofing systems as well as some decorative sheet metal work. Once exposed to the natural elements, it weathers to a dull grey color.

Lead-coated copper metal panels contain 12 to 15 lbs. of lead per 1,000 square feet. As the lead oxidizes, it gives off dust over the life of the material. Metallic lead and lead dust are toxic, especially to children and can damage their brain development, nervous system, liver, and kidneys. Children can become poisoned by inhaling lead dust. Lead dust can also be harmful to adults, particularly pregnant women.

Because of the significant health risks and environmental contamination issues associated with working with lead-coated copper, West Coast Weather Vanes does not offer this form of treated copper for our weathervanes.