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Packaging your weathervane for shipment

West Coast Weather Vanes has had more than 25 years of experience packaging weathervanes for shipment, both domestically and internationally. Each weathervane we ship is essentially a one-of-a-kind sculpture piece we have taken great care and much time to create. For this reason, we take great care when packaging a weathervane to ensure that it arrives in the same pristine condition that it left our studio.

We use custom boxes, ordered to our specifications, and have honed our packaging techniques over the decades to safeguard your weathervane during transport. It often takes between one and two hours to package a weathervane for shipment. (And it may take you almost as long to unpack your weathervane as it did for us to package it in the first place!)

In rare cases, depending on the weathervane being shipped and the shipping destination, we may commission a professional art crating specialist for packaging. In this case, we will prepare a detailed quote for your approval before proceeding.