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Airplane Weathervane – Grumman AA1-B – 1976

Grumman American Yankee AA-1B Air Plane Weather Vane


This 1976 Grumman American Yankee Airplane Weathervane, Model AA1-B was originally commissioned by a lovely high flying family. This gift for their son is the third classic plane weather vane* we’ve made for them—all of planes they own and love. Our shop master, Thomas, worked his magic on this technical sculpture piece, and it shows. He has fabricated all of this family’s airplane weathevanes and many of our other exacting vehicular themed pieces.

Whenever possible on orders of existing subjects we begin with photos. This customer quickly sent us pictures of the actual plane and schematics from the owner’s manual. This is so helpful as it saves a lot of time/expense in getting the proportions exactly right.

The plane is a 3D copper sculpture piece with optional palladium leaf gilding on the windows. The gold leaf “N” number is included in the price. Also included in all of our weather vane designs that have ‘wing spread’ is the Security Device that can be seen in the pictures just above the upper globe. This is an important safety precaution that prevents the plane or bird from literally taking off with the wind beneath its wings!

There are two inscriptions, one on the top of each wing, with a ‘Lucky Penny‘ accompanying them. Inscriptions are a great way to increase interest and sentiment when creating what will well become a family heirloom!

*Repeat customers enjoy a 10% discount on all subsequent orders. If you order two weather vanes in your first order, you will receive the added bonus of 10% off on both weather vanes. This discount is credited when the second of the two weathervanes is paid for.