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Alpaca Weathervane-Suri-Portrait of Moonlight

Suri Alpaca Weather Vane - Portrait


This Portrait of Moonlight, Suri Alpaca Weathervane was commissioned by a woman who has loved weather vanes most of her life, and this led to her replacing the horse weather vane on her alpaca barn to a portrait vane of her champion alpaca, Moonlight. To read the entire story of her project and our involvement follow the links to Alpaca Culture Magazine – The Making of Moonlight.  And if you want to dive deeper into the world of Alpacas, do take a look at the Alpaca Culture website.

Kind words from the magazine:

I’m a big fan of West Coast Weathervanes and I really enjoyed reading your excellent web site as I was researching [the Moonlight article], so great job to you! Thank you,

Meyla Bianco Johnston

Moonlight is a copper and brass weather vane. It has been fabricated in detailed, swell bodied style. The copper repousse has carefully simulated Moonlight’s distinct fur by our skilled artisans, each of whom has created their own hammers for texturing. Her muzzle is brass. The contrasting colors if these two metals will become increasingly subtle as the metals weather, darken, and eventually patina. Adding a bit of brass to a weathervane sculpture piece can create a nice tie-in to the brass directionals.

The name of the farm has been inscribed on the horizontal tube at Moonlight’s feet, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important years for the farm have been sealed inside the body.

Portrait weathervanes can be of any subject. Pets, livestock, boats, planes and people are the most common. But we are happy to replicate any subject you can send us good pictures of, even a tree. We will work with you and your vision to translate the subject into a functioning weather vane with all of the specific details and requirements that involves. Your portrait can be created by customizing an existing design, or by commissioning something new. Call anytime to discuss your design ideas.