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Anvil Weathervane

Anvil Weather Vane


Our Anvil Weathervane was commissioned by a customer who knew exactly what he wanted. In his own words,

Saw your website and love it…  I am looking to get a custom weathervane made. I have attached a picture of my childhood anvil weathervane we had on our barn. I am looking for the full length to be 72″ from tip of arrow to the end. Then the anvil should just be proportional to the picture (roughly). Obviously you will use your experience and creativity as needed. Hope that makes sense.


The picture at left shows the original weathervane he wanted replicated. We particularly enjoyed seeing the lovely patina it has developed over an extended time.

The finished weathervane is a fully 3 Dimensional design, crafted entirely in copper. If you have a special weathervane that was part of your past, please let us know. Projects like these are always a lot of fun and we are happy to report that the completed Anvil Weather Vane was very well received. Again, in our customer’s own words,

I apologize for this delayed response, but just wanted to thank you for our “Anvil” Weather Vane, it was finally installed this past Monday with no problems and we could not be more happy with the results.  It is perfect…  Thank you so much.