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Bald Eagle Weathervane – Hunting

Bald Eagle Weather Vane Hunting Fish

Hunting or Clutching Fish
Swell Bodied Fish on Directionals

The Bald Eagle Weathervane (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), Hunting for Fish featured here captures the drama of these magnificent birds of prey in action. When optional gold leafing is added to the head, tail, talons and specklesd markings to the fish, the effect is quite spectacular. This is particularly true once the copper has weathered a deep chocolate brown color.

Hunting Eagle Weathervane With optional gold leaf

Hunting Eagle Weathervane with fish on directionals

One option for this weather vane design is to place a fish on top of each of the directional letters instead of underneath the horizontal tube representing the water. The fish can be constructed as swell bodied or silhouette. The eagle sculpture piece itself is then lowered so it hovers in the wind just above the directional letters with talons extended in anticipation. Please contact us directly if you’d like more information on this option. Pricing for the swell bodied fish version is shown here. The silhouette version is included in the price.

Two additional options are pictured above. The Eagle Clutching Fish with no horizontal bar is priced the same as the Hunting Bald Eagle with Fish. Call for pricing if you are interested in the Hunting Eagle with Tree Branch. This version requires significantly more skill and effort to craft.

We depict many of our flying birds with their wings in the upbeat position. In addition to creating a vivid profile against the skyline, there is a strategic reason as well. When the wings are positioned horizontally, there is the possibility of lift underneath them when winds are strong. This is easily resolved by including a security device, however, when we position the wings in the upbeat position, lift is not a consideration at all. The Hunting Bald Eagle shown here is an example of a bird with the wings in the upbeat position. Please check out our Soaring Pelican Weathervane for an example of a bird with out stretched wings.

The idea of incorporating the directionals as an active design element of the weathervane is an original concept of West Coast Weather Vanes. We have used this feature on a number of our weathervanes, such as our Robin with Chicks, Casey at the Bat, Wine Bottle with Wine Glasses and Cat with Mice Weathervanes. Our concept has been appreciated and copied by many other vane makers.